It is hard to launch yourself into a room of people who you don't know.  It doesn't matter how self assured you are, or how often you do it, it is still hard work.  That's where The Mikado comes in.


It is named after the room in the Savoy Hotel where it took place for decades.  It is best described as guided networking:  using a skilled facilitator, we get you talking to each other and mixing.  All the while, you're learning from masters of their subjects, and have a topic to discuss with the others in room.  No more agonising small talk...








Sylvia unlocks the hidden potential in individuals and teams by enabling you to connect with who you are at your core and to step up to be the person you were born to be.  She uses powerful profiling to clarify your natural strengths and challenges and works with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths and operating in the flow.  When you are operating in flow, you are doing the work that comes easily and naturally and you consistently deliver at a very high standard. You become recognised as an expert in your field.

Sylvia also works with you to develop a powerful Personal Presence, which ensures you are seen, heard, heard of and remembered long after you have left the room. 

Recognising and celebrating your uniqueness brings real clarity on the value you have to offer and much greater confidence when presenting and networking.


Accreditations:  Personal Presence and Team Dynamics Specialist/Trainer, Professional Speaker, Business/Personal Coach/Mentor, Presentation Skills Trainer, The Charisma Connection Accredited Partner, Talent Dynamics Global Partner, Networking Skills Trainer, Confidence Coach, ‘Time to Think’ Accredited Coach, Best selling International Author, Flow Consultant Trainer.







Renée had run a training consultancy in Plain English writing techniques for two decades when social media erupted. Diversifying her workshops to satisfy the marketing demands of time-stretched business owners, she used her Masters Degree in applied linguistics to carve a niche in promoting businesses online; blending straightforward, traditional marketing language with cutting edge digital skills.


As well as coaching in social media and, specifically, best practices for the successful use of LinkedIn, Renée handles all aspects of digital marketing for businesses that are too busy to do it themselves.

Renée is a published author and poet with exhibitions across Europe. She was named as London CEO of the Year 2017 by Corporate Vision magazine and awarded UK Independent Business Honours for Excellence in Training, Coaching and Instruction. She’s proud to have won an Inspirational Woman award for her work with the families of young stroke survivors, and has spoken widely on TV, the radio and at parliament.








Joanna Gaudoin is Managing Director of Inside Out Image which helps professional individuals achieve greater career success and their organisations improve business performance, by working with them on their personal impact and relationship building skills.


Joanna spent 10 years in marketing and consultancy. She now works with clients one-to-one, as well as speaking and running workshops across all areas of personal impact and relationship building; including appearance, body language and voice, as well as the skills and confidence for different professional ‘touchpoints’, such as meetings, networking and presentations. Joanna also helps clients navigate office politics, facilitated by a diagnostic profiling tool to help clients understand how they currently 

interact and how this could be improved, to achieve their objectives and those of their organisation.

Clients include HSBC, Metro Bank, Joelson Law and the AAT.







Business Impact Founder Seán Brickell is a reformed and award-winning frontline network TV news correspondent & presenter and an undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers…turned communication psychologist, best-selling author and media commentator.


He works with individual business professionals from around the world to help them gain the tangible and intangible results, recognition and rewards they want by applying some sometimes unusual confidence & communication skills. 


Because Seán's also…
Been held at gunpoint by angry men in ugly situations, exposed multi-million frauds, infiltrated a swingers’ orgy, cycled from one end of Great Britain to the other solo & unsupported, has almost died motorbiking, mountaineering and paragliding, been a discus and wellington boot throwing
champion and met and dealt with a wide variety of people, from presidents and pop stars to paedophiles and professional assassins…and much, much more. 






Mindy has authored and co-authored eight books, including 24 Carat BOLD.  A native New Yorker, she currently resides in the UK where she operates two businesses: The Book Midwife®, an elite book coaching company, and Panoma Press, a cooperative publisher business.


Her TEDx talk “Sometimes You Need to Change Yourself to Be Yourself” has nearly half a million views, and it showcases Mindy’s passion for helping people from all under-represented groups to become leaders, and for all people to approach life more thoughtfully.


Mindy will giving us our own private version of her talk with lots of opportunities to discuss the points and practice her tips with others in the room.





Andrew Priestley is an award winning, qualified business leadership coach and #1 ranking business author who works with managing directors of established small to mid tier companies who want more revenues and profits, more lifestyle benefits and the option to scale or exit with valuation. 









Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur, best-selling business author and one of the world’s top business keynote speakers on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and sales.


He built and sold his own company in the 80s and worked with seventeen different start-ups in the 90s. Two of these companies later went public, while three went broke!


Mike is co-author of several best-selling business books, including The Beermat Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat.


He is of the most experienced entrepreneur mentors in the UK, having completed over 1,500 face-to-face mentoring sessions and speaks at events all over the world, including material on the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs: The Beatles and Sir Richard Branson.






With a unique background that includes communications science, image consulting and psychometric profiling, Jodi Goldman has become one of the UK’s leading Personal Impact Specialists.  Teaching people how to transform both the outer AND the inner, her holistic approach has helped thousands of people to develop a signature style, an impactful mindset and charismatic communication skills.


With a greatly increased profile - and the power to connect with whomever they want - each of Jodi’s clients gain the personal edge in an evermore crowded marketplace.


Jodi has a way of not just teaching the tools, techniques and systems needed to truly be an inspirational leader at any level; but she is able to really light a fire under people and get them to step up, stand out and shine.






In 2004, prompted in part by the ease with which he could sell and an interest in personal development, Terry created The Reluctant Salesman approach to selling, an approach designed specifically for professional service providers and those who are uncomfortable with traditional technique based selling.  He has been delivering his ‘Freedom to Sell’ programs in workshops and as a consultant to businesses ever since.